Each week I show advice and stories and recommendations from my internet dating toolbox, gleaned mostly from personal experience as well as the shared encounters of my buddies. At 25, I feel i’ve a considerable (though perhaps not exhaustive) matchmaking collection, and it is already been a while since a dating scenario has actually stumped me.

However i am stuck, and I’m reaching out to the We Love Dates society for guidance!

Listed here is the situation: we met men at a club a few weeks prior to the getaways. He had been here together with his uncle, and my friend needed to leave before we finished my drink and so I stuck about and chatted with your two. Though he had been undoubtedly only a little tipsy, he had been lovely and very flirtatious, when the guy got my personal phone to phone himself so he’d have my personal number, I became a lot more than somewhat into it.

He proceeded aided by the now-standard follow-up text the second day, and after a couple of days of sporadic texts hook up, the guy ultimately got around to asking me personally aside.

For coffee.

Before work. 

We politely dropped a 6 am time, but suggested one thing after finishing up work could be better. We carried on to content once or twice weekly, but no tangible strategies happened to be made. The holiday season are a busy time, and I also’m sympathetic for the needs on individuals time because You will find exactly the same getaway requirements observe friends and sign up for functions and tie-up free ends at the office prior to the new-year.

But after a few months of continual “we ought to gather!” messages with no motion, we composed him off as perhaps not interested and moved on.

Until a couple of days before Christmas, once I got a text apologizing for their radio silence and showing interest in venturing out after the holidays. Ever since then, he has got checked in every couple of days and statements he could be committed to catching a drink soon.

Discover my problem: so is this conduct indicative of a flaky personality? Is actually he also thinking about me? Does the hubbub from the breaks warrant a free pass, or must I end up being doubtful? 

Any advice you have got personally recently would be great!